A little about me…

I am a photographer with a real passion for storytelling. I often describe myself as a “documentary photographer” which put simply means I love using natural light in an unstructured way, which not only creates beautifully soft images but keeps every wedding uncomplicated and relaxed.

I first got excited about photography when I was about 9 years old, exploring in a loft I found an old suitcase full of photos that belonged to my Nan. There were hundreds of old photos, some familiar faces and others I never had the chance to meet, but every image had a story and I wanted to know about all of them. Ever since then I have been obsessed with the creativity of photography.

As a documentary wedding photographer my main focus is to blend in and capture the events that are unfolding on the day. It’s so important for me to be aware of what is going on, who is talking to who and where the best reactions are going to come from, so I don’t miss the momentary laughter, smiles and tears that can disappear within seconds.

The importance of photography is far greater than many of us think. It is one of the best ways to hold on to the important and significant times and to trigger our memories and emotion. I love being able to capture these moments in people’s lives and give them something that will truly last a lifetime.

Every wedding and session is different, which makes my job so exciting. My creativity and skill is always being challenged, which helps me continue to develop and evolve as a photographer. I really do love my job!

A few random facts…

-I have a super cute dog called Bonnie, we rescued her at just 5 months old

-My lovely Fiance, Mike, is an awesome cook so I eat very well (morning noon and night people)

-I love food, any food, but my favoruite is asian dishes YUM!

-I actually studied textile design at univesity so have a very creative background.

-I love buying new artwork (even if I have no space left on the walls for it all)

-I love anything old or antique, when something has a story or looks used it is so much more interesting to me.

-I am definitely partial to a glass of red wine.

-Most importantly though, I love taking photographs!!

Time for tea and a chat!  I would be happy to come to you to talk through the moments you want to capture.