This is baby Eddie, born on the 20.03.15.


Such a handsome little boy but very determined which made my job a little bit harder. As Eddie was quite a light sleeper I decided to keep the session quite simple and limit the posing to disturb him as little as possible.


This is such a funny shot, he was all settled on his tummy and as I was about to take the shot he opens his eyes.


I love getting mum and dad involved in the session too and take any opportunity to capture a real moment between them. There was a moment in Eddie’s session during a nappy change, after mum had sorted him out Eddie had a big yawn and mum started stroking his head. It lasted just a few seconds but I’m so happy I caught it.


I love all the little detail shots and make sure to get a selection of these with every baby, without the images it is so hard to remember just how tiny they were.



I just have to share this shot, there is something so adorable about his little face all scrunched up. Almost every session will include a little of this.


You will be hearing a lot more about Eddie over the next year and I can’t wait to see how he grows xx