Family photography session

The weather forecast wasn’t looking great for our session at Stockgrove park but we had a great time and the sun even showed its face for a few minutes.

Lindsey and Paul had their reservations about the boys enjoying the session, but both the boys did so well. They created some amazing boats from leaves, walked on logs like balancing beams, turned sticks into guns and raced down pathways. They played Chinese whispers, had a throwing competition and a piggy back race with mum and dad. Serious fun!

Stockgrove park was a beautiful location, so many divers areas to use. We included the lake and boat house, angel wing carved chair and lovely long straight pathways lined with tall trees.

A wonderful, natural family photography session!

IMG_3879IMG_3895IMG_3904 IMG_3906IMG_3992IMG_4001IMG_4024IMG_4031IMG_3946IMG_3957 IMG_4040IMG_4043IMG_4050

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