Here is a movie with the images from a lovely maternity shoot I did last week with mum to be Katie and her beautiful 7 1/2 month baby bump. Before we started the session I went through all of the outfits and props Katie had put together so I could work out the best order for the shoot.

The shoot took place in a beautiful house with lots of lovely natural light and large open spaces, perfect for my style of photography. There were also different coloured rooms around the house that I planned to incorporate for different themes and outfits during the session.

We started in the red bedroom as it had an area of direct light coming through the window which was perfect for creating strong silhouette images and highlighting some beautiful skin shots of bump too. We used the blue room for the little details including the beautiful bunting for babies room and the little teddies that Katie had collected.

We moved to the living room where we had the most light to get a few full length shots and at the perfect moment baby started moving. I was able to capture a few wonderful shots of Katie’s reaction and the change in her expression was priceless. She was initially a little surprise but quickly turned into a warm smile, such an intimate moment between mum and unborn baby and I am so happy I was able to capture it on camera.

Maternity sessions are always so magical x