Wedding Photography & Videography

How we work together on your wedding day

Wedding photography & videography are both wonderful ways of documenting your day and work in harmony to capture every bit of the day for you. I know some couples have concerns about the number of people and cameras around during the day and worry that having both means spending more time away from your guests but this isn’t the case. With the best photographers & videographers you wont feel like you have the paparazzi following you around all day, both will be discrete and relaxed making it possible to capture all the candid natural moments without interruption.

To help give you a better understanding of how we work together and what to expect I have got the wonderful Grace from Keeley films here to chat to you about how it all works.

Meet Keeley Wedding Films

Hey! I’m Grace and together with my husband Brad, we’re Keeley Wedding Films. We’re all about adventure and second chances, embracing all the ups and downs life throws at us!

Growing up in a big family I’m a funny mix of bold, loud and fun-loving, as well as an introvert who loves nothing more than curling up in bed with an audio book and a good puzzle game. Brad is level-headed and calm, using humour to defuse any awkwardness he feels, and on a walk he’ll always stray off the beaten track seeking out an adventure!

How would you describe your style of videography?

Emotional, cinematic films that show off your sense of adventure and tell your story.

For us it’s all about chucking out the old model of long wedding videos that sat getting dusty in a forgotten box in the loft, and instead creating films you’ll absolutely love and want to watch again and again.

What do you love about documenting weddings?

I love building genuine connections with people and telling their story. I’ve always loved it – asking questions, going beyond just a ‘how are you?’ – getting to know someone properly. And to me it’s the ultimate privilege to be part of our couples’ weddings. I love being with everyone in the morning as anticipation for the day ahead builds, choking back my tears during the ceremony, getting to know them more through the speeches, and seeing them let their hair down and properly celebrate in the evening – it’s all the best! I love it!

What’s your favourite part of a wedding to video?

Confetti, always always confetti! The way the confetti falls on film just looks incredible, with all the smiling faces surrounding the couple – I just love it! I wish I could do a confetti shot every single day!

P.S. in my opinion larger confetti looks better on video! I just love this…

The big day

How do you plan for each wedding?

The main thing for us, is getting to know our couples, finding out what’s important to them. Of course we want to know timings and what’s happening when, but really we want to go deeper! Find out more about our couples, and what they want their wedding to be like! That way we know exactly where we’re supposed to be on the day, but also the story we want to tell.

Do you communicate with the photographer before each wedding?

We don’t always know the photographers we work with before the wedding, so we’ll reach out to say hey and check out their work!

How do you interact and share space with photographers during different parts of the day?

A huge priority for us is to work closely with the photographer and communicate well – making sure we’re all getting the shots we need, and have a great time along the way!

  • The ceremony

During the ceremony we are usually stationery. I’ll be up the front with the couple, and Brad will be filming from the back. We chat this through with the photographer on the day, decide where we’ll all be standing and work it out together.

  • The couple shots

We’ll work alongside the photographer for couple shots. Taking turns to get our shots, and making it really chilled and relaxed for the couple – this is often the best chance for the couple to get some time out on the day, so it’s got to be fun!

  • The speeches

For the speeches, we’ll always take some time to work out the best place for the person giving the speech to stand. It looks better when the couple can stay facing forwards and don’t have to turn their necks to look at the person giving the speech. Brad usually films the person giving the speech while I capture reactions: mostly the couple and some guests too. Similar to the ceremony we remain stationery for the speeches, so we chat through where we’ll all be standing with the photographer beforehand.

Do you have any advice for couples who would like to book videography & photography for their wedding?

It’s all about personality – your photographer and videographer will be working on top of each other all day, so having a photographer and videographer that know how to work together to both get the shots they need is key! Also, you’ll be spending a lot of the day with them too, so getting a dream team photographer & videographer duo at your wedding makes it even more fun!

Thank you so much for your help & advice Grace, I hope it has help lots of couples have a better understanding of how photography & videography can work as a team to produce something beautiful to treasure forever.

If you love Keeley wedding films work as much as I do then head over to their website HERE to see more of their films and to get in touch with Grace today.

I am very lucky to have partnered up with Keeley films to offer couples 10% discount on both our photography & videography packages! Get in touch with me or Grace for more information xx