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    the person behind the camera


I’m Katrina, the hilarious looking lady in these photos and relaxed, fun loving photographer based in Hertfordshire.

I started my creative journey at university studying textile design, dabbling in textile design for interiors and visual merchandising before finding myself on this incredible path as a wedding & portrait photographer.

As with so many other photographers this wonderful career started as a hobby but I kept pushing and educating myself until I got my first studio job. A year later I made the jump into self employment and have never looked back.

I have had 5 wonderful years running my business so far working with beautiful families and incredibly fun and awesome couples! I am extremely lucky!

These are the things that make me ME…

– It’s only right I mention my husband, Mike, an all round wonderful man and incredible cook

– Bonnie our beautiful (but crazy) beagle, she was 5 months old when we rescued her and life has been pretty hectic since

-Food, any food! I can’t resist Asian cuisine or lots and lots of chocolate. YUM!

-Travel is a big interest of mine, I love to see new places and try new things. P.S. destination weddings are the best!

-Art & photography. I love old photos and unique pieces of art (even if I have no space left on the walls for it all)

-Antiques, I’m so interested in objects that have a story and have become worn over time.

– Driving around on hot summers days in my little classic car with Mike & the Bon. My perfect weekend!

-& lets not forget that important glass of red wine

A sneak peek at our wedding day…

A little about my work

I have never been great at having my photo taken (I don’t even take selfies) and I know your pain of posing for awkward photos. That’s why I have a very relaxed documentary approach to portrait & wedding photography. I love to focus on the real story and allow couples to enjoy their day uninterrupted.

Anticipating peoples reactions and capturing the unseen moments is one of my favourite things to do. There are so many precious moments during a wedding for example how the mother of the bride looks at her daughter when she is saying her vows or how the couple touch and hold hands when they spend a few quiet moments together as a newly married couple.

Best of all though is the laughter, I truly love capturing people having fun and enjoying each others company. With portrait photography sessions I love to have fun with the kids and make it a memorable day out. Weddings are easy, they are one of the most joyous occasions in our lives so there is always plenty of jokes, old stories and banter going on to create endless photo opportunities.

Every wedding and session is different, which makes my job so exciting. My creativity and skill is always being challenged, which helps me continue to develop and evolve as a photographer. I really do love my job!

Time for tea and a chat!  I would be happy to come to you to talk through the moments you want to capture.