2019 Wedding Trends

I always love looking at wedding trends at the beginning of each year and as this is the year I get married I thought I should do a little more research and write about 2019 wedding trends for you all to see. Trends do flow from one year over to the next as the ideas and inspiration online grows for a particular style and this year is no different. Some of the trends you will see in this blog have been growing in popularity for the last year or two and are now big trends for 2019.

Here are just a few wedding trends for 2019:


This trend is all about bringing the garden inside with herbs lining the table decor and exuberant florals and foliage in all possible spaces. In a generation of DIY weddings I think using small plants like herbs is a wonderful table decoration idea, you could grow them yourself and even offer them as favours. Using herbs within your floral design not only brings a bit of the English garden into your wedding but will ultimately fill your venue with a beautiful scent.

2019 is the year to go all out with flowers and foliage for the venue decor. We are talking faux trees and floral archways at the end of the aisle and abundant floral decoration flowing down walkways, tables and beams.

Definitely one of may favourite 2019 wedding trends.


Ok so this is definitely my ultimate 2019 wedding trend! I love puddings, cakes, sweets, CHOCOLATE so to find out that a delicious spread of multiple desserts is going to be a more regular occurrence at weddings this year makes me smile.

Grazing tables and buffet style food is on the up too so I guess the idea of multiple choice and sharing is where it is at with wedding food for the next year to two.

Dessert tables is another great idea if you are planning a DIY wedding or want to add more personal touches to your day. You can make the puddings yourself or ask those close to you to make them for you. You could use special family recipes that will conjure up lovely memories or decorate them to suit your colour theme to make a beautiful focal point in the venue.

The great thing is you could have the dessert table out all night so your guests can pick at it when they wish AND you can take whats left home with you!


If you have lots of girlfriends lined up to join your bride tribe then you are smashing this trend for 2019.

I love working on weddings with a large team of bridesmaids, the photos are always great fun. Being in front of the camera with a big group of friends really helps everybody to relax, you only need one confident bridesmaid to help the others let loose and be a little silly.

Brides I would love you all to get in touch and tell me how big your bride tribe is for 2019! My record is 10 bridesmaids I wonder if I will beat that this year?


One of the floral trends for 2019 is using British flowers to get a freshly picked garden bouquet look. I love this effortless style with flowers and I’m sure this trend will stick around for a while. These simple undone bouquets and free moving floral designs compliment couples planning a relaxed and rustic wedding.

It is important to support small local businesses and what a great way to do so by using your lovely local florist to create beautiful floral displays and bouquets from locally grown plants.

If your still looking for a local florist check out Herbert & Isles!


A colour trend yay! For 2019 it is bold corals and pastel pinks that are rising in popularity when it comes to the flowers. Those popular peony’s are are great way to add a pop of coral and pink into your bouquet, mix that up with deep dark foliage and you have a seriously stunning floral arrangement.

Using lots of deep green foliage is still a strong trend for 2019 too. This year the foliage trend has gone down a slightly different route, featuring as low and slender table runners for the favourable banquet style tables.



Barns have always been popular but not necessarily a top trend. This year its the old charm of a rustic barn that is trending. Those exposed beams, raw brick walls and bare corrugated iron that has seen them rise to the top.

These kinds of venues look amazing in photos, any old features or industrial materials add a beautiful contrast to the elegant nature of a wedding. Put a beautiful bride, her flowers, well dressed guests, fairy lights, and candles against a rustic barn and you are on to a winner!

One of my favourite weddings from last year had their reception in an amazing old barn in the Norwegian countryside. I totally fell in LOVE with this barn because, unlike most barns in the UK, this one had a corrugated roof. Industrial touches to a venue like this are so striking in the photography.


Another great trend that is embracing doing things your way. If the brides best friend is a man why shouldn’t he be the man of honour? And if the Groom’s best friend is a woman then she should rock a suit and be his best girl. Weddings are all about celebrating with your nearest and dearest and this year everyone is getting on board and getting their besties involved regardless of gender.

I had the honour of working on a friends wedding last summer and she had her longest and dearest friend as her man of honour. The bride helped him pick an incredible teal suit with contrasting floral shirt & tie to subtly work with the bridesmaids dresses. They looked amazing together!


The last 2019 wedding trend that I have on my blog is a wedding style that has been growing in popularity over the past few years and definitely deserves to be up there. With the UK’s incredible weather last summer and another great summer predicted this year couples are embracing outdoor weddings more and more.

Boho vibes are always popular but match it with an outdoor wedding and you have a super fun and memorable celebration. With tipi and festival style weddings the party can go on all night, guests can camp with you and continue the fun all the way through to breakfast.

Weddings should be a reflection of a couples relationship and personalities, make decisions that you both want and not what will please everyone else. Blogs like this one are a great source of inspiration and can really help develop your ideas into something great but the best trend is to be unique!

I would love to hear about what rules you are breaking and what trends you are inspired by this year! Get in touch to chat all things wedding and find out a bit more about my work too xx