2019 – What a year!

My year in pictures

2019 what a year, every year I say and every year I mean it. I have been so lucky that my business continues to grow year on year and I get more and more awesome couples booking me for their big day.

Well guess what… this year has has been the best so far! I have had an incredible year for so many reasons, I have worked on so many fun weddings, worked with lots of wonderful families, photographed a bunch of adorable babies and I GOT MARRIED!

Finally I got to experience what my couples go through, the excitement, the fears & the nerves. Best of all though is the incredible memories I now have and it’s all down to our amazing photographer. Wedding photography is an investment truly worth making.


As well as having crazy amounts of fun at my own wedding this year, I have been enjoying the fun and excitement at so many other weddings too. I’ve had the absolute privilege of photographing some seriously awesome weddings with couples that have been up for anything. We have had smoke bombs, bursting champagne bottles, confetti all over the place, the groom throwing the bride about, the groomsmen throwing the groom about and endless laughter.

Let’s not forget the incredible suppliers I have had the honour to work with this year too. Your all awesome x

This year has also been an amazing year for growing and developing my business. I have invested in educating myself as a business owner and targeting those awesome, fun loving couples I adore working with. The results have been amazing, the work I have put in this year is showing through in my dairy for 2020 & 2021. I’ve taken a huge step up in the number of weddings I have taken on and every couple has something unique and exciting about their big day.

Thank you to all the wonderful couples & families I have met this year, you are all amazing!

I am so excited for what the next decade has in store!

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