5 Destination Wedding Ideas

Destination Wedding Photographer

I love a destination wedding and to help couples planning a wedding abroad I have put a short list of 5 destination wedding ideas together.

Destination weddings are always beautiful, no matter where you are in the world, and they are also very different from a UK wedding. This means there are other details to consider and situations to think about when planning for the big day.

I have had the privilege of working on a number of destination weddings over the past few years, seeing couples tie the knot from Portugal and Norway to Greece and Italy. These experiences have allowed me to see the differences between UK and destination weddings, what could be missed, forgotten or not thought of at all when following a typical wedding planning schedule.

These 5 destination wedding ideas are a mixture of small details and bold suggestions so you can make the most out of your location and have the best day ever! Take a look below and see if these ideas can help you

1. Include your location in the little details

Most destination weddings are in some tropical, coastal or historic location, all of which make for a picture perfect setting. Why not include these dreamy locations in your wedding theme?

Design your stationary around the local art, history or feel of your destination location. If you are planing a tropical beach wedding then bring this tropical feel into your design.

You could also bring your wedding location into the theme of other small details like your ring box, guests book, table names & favours. Destination wedding venues usually need very little decoration, the location and setting are all you need, so adding subtle touches to the personal details that reference the gorgeous location is the perfect way for you and your guests to remember the day.

2. Head out for photos on your wedding day

If you’re going to get married abroad, in a new location, very different from home then you should make the most of it.

While your guests are busy chatting and getting themselves another drink why not head off outside of your venue for some photos together. Make your chosen destination the backdrop for some incredible photos that set your wedding apart from anyone else’s.

You could take a walk along the beach, head up high for some breathtaking views or go into town to capture the history and culture that surrounds you.

3. Give your guests hand held fans so they can stay cool

If you’re planning a wedding in a country that is much hotter than home you need to think about how long and how often your guests may be in the sun for. Outdoor ceremonies or drinks receptions can have your guests sweating in no time.

Give your guests a little hand held paper fan to keep them cool while you say ‘I Do’. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony why not pop a fan on each chair at the start of the day? It could be the perfect little keep sake or favour for your close family and friends.

4. Choose flat shoes or bare feet for you & your bridesmaids

Many destination weddings are either by the beach or on elevated ground which means heels could be a problem. With potential heat and difficult ground to walk on flat shoes or even bare feet can be the best option for brides and their bridesmaids.

Destination weddings are the perfect setting for a bridal sandal but you can also get some beautiful lace or beaded decorative foot accessories that look amazing too.

I know many brides would prefer to have beautiful heels on for their big so but maybe consider this idea for your bridesmaids instead. Make their lives easier with a lovely pair of sandals so they can easily walk down the aisle or follow you to the beach for photos without any discomfort or struggle.

5. Plan a beach shoot after your wedding!

Ok so this is my favourite!

If you are getting married by the coast in a beautiful country abroad then I would highly recommend arranging a beach shoot with your photographer to take place a day or two after the wedding. Make the most of the location you are in and the special events that have taken place there and get some stunning photos together by (or in) the sea.

If your feeling brave you can wear your wedding attire for some more adventurous photos or just head down in something comfortable to have some fun.

I would highly recommend doing this later in the afternoon so you can catch the sunset too!

Destination wedding ideas

I hope you’ve found these ideas useful. I encourage you to make the most of the location you have picked, make it apart of your day in more ways then one and choose your favourite spots for some incredible photos.

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I’m on the hunt for more incredible destination weddings and am offering great deals to couples who can take me somewhere new! If you are planning a destination wedding please get in touch for more information on what I can offer you.

I would love to hear all about your destination wedding plans! xx