5 reasons to bring your dog to your engagement session

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There are so many great reasons why you should bring your dog to your engagement session with you and I really want to encourage more couples to do the same. Hopefully I can win you over by sharing my top 5 reasons to bring your do got your engagement session here in this blog.

I have to be honest, one reason is totally for my benefit! I love dogs and any excuse to spend time with them so bringing your dog along to your session makes me very happy. But there are plenty of great reasons to have your dog with you on your engagement session that really benefit you. It’s more about how you feel and interact during the session then just having nice photos with your dog at the end of it.

Dogs help us relax

One of the simplest and most important reasons to bring your dog with you on your engagement session is how they make you feel. It’s a well know fact that dogs help us to relax, they can calm us down when we feel nervous and bring so much joy into our lives. I know that the idea of having a photo session can make people feel a little nervous but with your dog by your side it will be just that little bit easier.

Dogs are a great distraction

Dogs are a wonderful distraction whether they are on our laps or running off into the distance and give couples something to look at and thing about while having their photos taken. My engagement sessions are really relaxed and very natural so I don’t pose couples or ask them to look at the camera so dogs are a great way to keep the couple moving, interacting and relaxed.

Dogs are fun!!

This is one of the best reasons to bring your dog to your engagement session! They’re always up to something that brings so much laughter into the session and this is the reaction I’m always looking for. They are spontaneous and a little unpredictable at times which just makes each session all the more fun and in many ways more unique to you and your relationship.

From giving wet kisses during the cuddly photos or jumping up like mad while you’re busy doing piggy backs, it all creates such fun and natural photos.

With every session my main aim is to capture real laughter between you and your loved ones while your having fun and dogs just make it that bit easier to achieve.

If they can’t be apart of your wedding day make them apart of your engagement

If it’s not practical to have your dog with you for all or part of your wedding, if they wouldn’t cope well with the number of people or the loud noises then having them with you on your engagement session is a wonderful alternative. You can have a lovely day out getting photos with your dog that you could later choose to display at the wedding to bring your dog into the day in a small way.

Dogs are part of the family

For many of us dogs are like our children and it’s just nice to document this exciting time in your life with them by your side.

If you choose to bring your dog to your engagement session (and I really hope you do) you won’t have a full gallery of photos with your dog, it’s important to have photos just the two of you as well. Roughly a third of your engagement photos will have your dog in, another third will be just the two of you and the last third will be the two of you reacting to something funny your dog got up to behind me.

So if you’d love to include your dog in your engagement session I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch for more information and to get a list of great dog friendly locations for a session too xx