Natural Newborn Photography

Baby Ziggy

I just had to show you some of my favorite shots from Ziggy’s natural newborn photography session! Proud new parents, Nick & Kate, are good friends of mine and I was over the moon when they asked me to shoot Ziggy’s session, he is such a cutie. I knew this shoot would go well, both Nick & Kate had some lovely ideas that were really personal to them and I think we managed to achieved them all.

You may have worked out that this is a family of musicians and music lovers and we had to bring this into the shoot, you can’t have baby Ziggy without referencing Ziggy Stardust can you. We used Nick’s electric guitar and case, his acoustic guitar (my favorite!) and the Ziggy Stardust vinyl for some beautiful unique and personal images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

All of my newborn photography sessions take place at the clients home, it helps keep baby and parents relaxed knowing everything they need is there. Many newborn photography sessions I shoot are with new parents that are still adjusting to life with a baby so being at home avoids adding any unnecessary stress. It’s best for these sessions to take place in the morning when baby is most settled after milk and I advice the session to take place between 7-14 days of baby being born. At this stage babies are still very sleepy making it easier to mold and handle them without any disruption.

Ziggy wasn’t sleeping as well as he had been on the morning of his session and this is common with many of my natural newborn photography sessions. When babies are so young things can change day to day and being handled and undressed more then usually can make them more restless. It only takes a little soothing and they are happy and sleeping in no time. 

Congratulations Nick & Kate! ENJOY xxx

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