Smoke Bomb Wedding Photography

Alternative wedding photography for adventurous couples

I love being asked to do smoke bomb wedding photography! Smoke bombs are so much fun for me and the couple and add an awesome pop of colour to your wedding photos. With so many colours available you can match the smoke with you wedding pallet or contrast it against your environment for really beautiful and unique results that will have your guests talking long after your wedding day has passed.

With anything like this there are always things to consider and questions to ask before deciding to use the smoke bombs on your big day. I will cover as much as I can here to hopefully answer your questions and give you a clear idea of whats involved.

First things first

If you’re considering having smoke bombs on your wedding day the very first thing to do is speak to your venue about it. Some venues are very relaxed and have plenty of space for them but other venues, especially venues near roads, don’t allow them so definitely ask first before making plans.

Once you are given the green light from your venue you then need to consider what kind of photos you want to create, this will decide how many smoke bombs you will need. Most couples choose to have couple shots with them but you could also include your bridal party for a large scale smoke bomb shot. Both options look amazing!

What to expect

These are considered a firework and spark when ignited, so I ask couples to hold the grenades at the bottom of the barrel and at an arms length from their body when releasing the wire pull. The sparks are small and only last for a second or two before the smoke begins to billow out. In light winds the smoke can become a big cloud around the couple, in which case you may want to step out a little if the smoke is a bit much. But in most situations the wind will lightly move the smoke up and away.

Each smoke bomb only lasts for 90 seconds so it’s a mad minute and a half of photos to get an awesome variety of images. I usually start with the couple holding them and walking with the grenades held high. This is followed by some close ups and waving of arms to make shapes with the smoke plumes. The smoke bombs can get hot to the touch so about half way through I get the couple to put the smoke bombs on the floor and we continue the fun with some lifts, spins and piggy backs.

I make the most of ever second we have smoke so prepare for some exiting high energy shots right up until the last cloud of smoke disperses.

Engagement Smoke Bomb Photos

Questions and concerns

Will the smoke stain my dress?

The smoke bombs only stain fabric if it is left lying on it so I always get couples to put the grenades down at a distance either in front or behind them so it isn’t near the dress. I’ve never had any issues with smoke bombs or experienced any staining but I am aware that it can happen so we all take extra care to avoid this happening.

What if our venue doesn’t allow them?

If you can’t have smoke bombs at your wedding venue it doesn’t mean you can’t have them at all. There is always the option of using them on your engagement session or at a different location on your wedding day. Discuss it with your photographer to find a good alternative that works for you.

What if it’s raining?

Smoke bomb’s can’t be used indoors and should be used in open spaces only. If it is raining on your wedding day you can wait it out in case the rain subsides for a short window or make the most of it and head out in the rain for 90 seconds of fun.

Where can we buy them?

The best brand are Enola Gaye 

Advise for getting the best smoke bomb photos

The important thing to remember is not to look back at the smoke! It should be great fun so embrace it and look like your enjoying yourself. I always give some direction but if you want to be spontaneous then do it.

If you love the idea of having smoke bombs at your wedding then I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch and tell me all about your wedding plans xx