Smoke Bomb Wedding Photography

    Do you love the idea of smoke bomb wedding photography? So do I!

    I have spent the last few years working with smoke bombs at weddings and on engagement sessions too. Every time I use them the results are different and I love the spontaneity that makes these shots so much fun to be a part of.

    Reasons to use smoke bombs at your wedding

    1.Colour – There is no better way to inject a pop of colour into your wedding photos then with smoke bombs. With such a great selection of colours available you can use them to enhance your colour theme or add a bold contrast. Hell why not go for all the colours and go crazy!

    2.Fun – I’m all about finding ways to get couples having as much fun as possible and smoke bombs are one of my favourite things to do. They only last for 90 seconds so it’s an exciting, heart pumping minute and a half that everyone will enjoy.

    3.Memories – A wedding is made up of so many important and emotional moments that become beautiful memories but there is always room for more right? The short but exciting smoke bomb photos create a small window of madness that you will always remember. Whether you do it just the two of you or get the whole wedding party involved, some super fun memories will be made and you will be laughing at yourselves when you look back on them.

    4.Displaying your photos – Wedding photos are delivered as digital files these days and most of those files will stay just that and rarely be looked at. BUT the incredible moments captured during the smoke bomb photos are likely to be the images you want to frame and put up around your house. They aren’t cheesy or posed, they’re fun, showing real reactions (usually hilarious reactions!) and those are most often the shots we want of ourselves around the house for loved ones to see.

    There are a few things to consider before committing and purchasing smoke bombs for your big day. Take a look at my Smoke Bomb Wedding Photography blog to read up on what to check before going ahead and the safety side too. I also have a Q & A section on the blog that covers some of the most popular questions couples ask me when considering doing smoke bombs on their wedding day.