Festive Winter Wedding

Waddesdon Dairy wedding

This stunning festive winter wedding will certainly get you in the mood for Christmas. It is a beautiful example of how a wedding can embrace Christmas without it taking centre stage. 

I can’t believe almost a year has passed since Kayleigh & Alex got married at the beautiful Waddesdon Dairy in Buckinghamshire. There was snow on the ground and limited day light but that all added to the cosy, warm feel of the day. 

Alex is from Scotland so there was plenty of tartan being worn, and the couple had picked a colour theme that not only worked perfectly with the family tartan but also the season. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous emerald green dresses and the flowers had an abundance of deep green foliage with red berries and blue ribbon creating a really decadent display. The greens in the flowers and the tartan worked so well with the Christmas garlands & Christmas trees that decorated the dairy beams and courtyard.

Despite the weather and freezing temperature the couple braved the winter weather to get some lovely photos around the grounds of the venue. In summer the Dairy courtyard is adorned in thick grapevines but in winter the leaves and fruit disappear to leave just the wooden vine. I absolutely loved using this to frame a few shots and it worked so well with the theme of the day. Later into the evening, just after the sun had set and the light was fading, we went out to the back of the venue to get some beautiful photos by the water’s edge. Everything looked so beautiful and festive at dusk, Alex’s suit, the sparkle from Kayleigh’s dress, the water and foliage surrounding it just worked perfectly together.

Inside the dining room had two huge open fires to keep guests warm, adding to the cosy and intimate feel of the day. As the light faded, with guests warmed nicely throughout dinner, the party moved into the conservatory where the band got guests up on their feet and the fun continued throughout the night.

A stunning example of a festive winter wedding! 

Waddesdon Dairy winter wedding

I love winter weddings and am always so eager to book more over November, December & January. If you are planning a winter wedding for 2019 or 2020 I would love to hear from you. Get in touch for more information and to see what great offer I can put together for you xx