Fun family photography sessions at home

St Albans family photographer

I love offering fun family photography sessions at home, allowing the whole family to relax and enjoy themselves in a familiar environment that is so personal to them.

This beautiful family are a great example of how a family session at home can work incredibly well. I remember getting home from this session earlier in the year so excited to start editing. Without even looking back through the camera I knew I had captured epic moments between, not only the family, but the children as well.

When I first arrived at their home in the beautiful city if St Albans I was greeted by a very happy, confident little girl who was keen to show me around her home. Mum was surprised by her confidence so early on but I experience this a lot with sessions that take place at the family home.

Being at home, in a familiar space means children feel much safer around new people and have much more confidence. It makes these sessions so much easier, we can get straight into the session and I can capture the most natural photos as the children play totally not bothered by my presence.

Once we started the session and my camera was out, it was fun and games throughout. I started in the main bedroom for some wonderful family photos. This space is a favourite of mine, its usually bright with a simple background and a soft, comfortable surface for the family to sit on.

It’s also perfect for a few shots of the children too, I often get children jumping and rolling around on the duvet for a bit of fun.

We used almost every room in the house by the time we finished, we got photos of the girls in their bedroom, family photos in the front room and then out to the garden for a few last shot in the girls wendy house too.

Family sessions like this are always a very personal experience, I play on the things that you enjoy doing as a family and allow things to happen organically to get a true picture of the family relationships. For example with this family a cuddle on the bed turned into ‘ row your boat’  and a moment reading with mum turned into an action story with great reactions.

I love capturing special moments like this between growing families and am so privileged to revisit many families and watch them grow over the years.

My family sessions are available all year round for families of any size and any age. If you would like more information or would like to book a session in now please get in touch xx