What group photos should I have on my wedding day?

‘What group photos should I have on my wedding day?”. This is a question a lot of couples ask. Although group photos aren’t as popular as they once were they do still have some importance for a lot of people. Couples today want to spend as much time with their guests as possible instead of posing for photos, which is totally understandable (to be honest I feel the same about my wedding too). I have to say I do love it when a couple tell me they don’t want any group photos at all,  it isn’t my style to ask people to be still and smile at the camera but it is possible to capture your loved ones in a slightly more natural way and it doesn’t have to take all day.

Group photos do take a little bit of organisation but I still like to get natural smiles and expressions from everyone. We all know someone who hates forcing a smile and it definitely shows so I have a few tricks that get everyone laughing and looking at each other instead of the camera.

My advice is to write down the groups that are really important to you and keep the list below 10, 5 to 7 group shots is perfect. Small spontaneous group photos are easy to capture in the moment on the wedding day so don’t feel you have to include every close friend and family member on the list for your photographer.

I often have couples ask ‘What are the normal group photos we should have?’ so to help those couples who aren’t sure here is a list of the common choices –

–        Couple with parents from both sides

–        Couple with parents from each side separately

–        Couple with parents and siblings

–        Couple with their siblings

–        Couple with all family from each side separately

–        Couple with bridesmaids & groomsmen

–        Full wedding party

The best group photo is of the full wedding party, get all your guests together (with the help of your photographer and usually your venue too) and have one epic group shot. This is a great way to please the more traditional relatives at your wedding and make sure every guest is included in at least one group photo.

There are little windows of opportunity throughout the day to capture some important smaller group photos that couples may want. You don’t have to plan a posed shot for all group photos, some of the most meaningful shots are caught in the moment, a moment I anticipate and plan to capture. For example I usually plan to get a couple of photos of the bride with her father before leaving for the ceremony. There is always a lovely moment in the morning to document their relationship, just the two of them, that is natural and real. The father’s reaction, their first hug and discussion and even their short walk to the car can create beautiful photos.

If you want to discuss group photo ideas for your big day then please get in touch. I would love to hear more about your wedding plans and give you helpful advice on planning your group photos.