How to choose the best wedding photography package for you

Ways to help you decide

There are so many variations of wedding photography packages out there it can get a bit confusing. Every photographer has their own way of doing things and creates packages to suit. I have some advice to help you narrow down your search and find the perfect package for your big day.

You may have already started looking into wedding photography, you know the styles you like and the styles you don’t. Once you have narrowed down your options to a few favourite photographers you then have the challenge of comparing packages, which one would be best for you? To kick start this process you need to ask yourself a few questions:

What is your budget?

  • A rough figure is fine to start off with and it helps to have a bit of flexibility. Be practical, wedding photography is one of the bigger costs to a wedding, don’t underestimate the cost of a photographer. Last year the average spend on a wedding photographer in and around London was £1564, bare this in mind when setting your budget.

Do you want to have the full day photographed?

  • When a photographer says ‘the full day’ we mean covering the bride getting ready up to the first dance (or a little after). Work out if you want photos with your bridesmaids or close friends while you get ready in the morning, would you like to document special moments before the ceremony like your dad seeing you in your dress for the first time. Some couples want the photography to go on a bit longer into the evening, so ask yourself when would you like the photos to end.

If not then what elements of your day do you want photographed?

  •  If the bridal prep isn’t for you then have a think about when you would like the photography to start. Would you like the photographer to capture your guests arriving for the ceremony or start just as the ceremony begins? You may love the idea of the bridal prep photos but are having a small and quiet reception so don’t want the photography to go on into the night. It is a very personal choice.

Would you like a wedding album?

  • Like me most photographers will offer the option to order an album after the wedding so there isn’t pressure to make a decision before hand if you’re not ready to. Having said this if you know that you are really keen to have one you could be saving a bit of money by ordering it with your package. If you want an album it is definitely worth budgeting for one at the beginning.

Would you like to have two photographers on the day?

  • If you like the idea of capturing yourself and your partner getting ready on the morning of your wedding or just want lots of beautiful photos from lots of different angles throughout the day than a second photographer is a great addition. Some photographers come as a pair; I know there are many husband and wife teams out there. Other photographers like me have a number of photographers they work with who can second shoot for them. In my case I have a small list of lovely photographers I can call on to work with me and they are all full time wedding photographers, bonus!

Don’t worry if you can’t answer all of these questions, you can ask advice from any photographer and they will be happy to help. Please get in touch if you would like my help to answer any questions for you.

I have worked hard to design packages that will suit most couples, you can take a look at my standard packages here and see what I have to offer you.

Although these packages are designed to suit the majority of couples I do love an alternative wedding so I have an option that can work for any type of wedding. My third option is a bespoke package, this is a package created for each couple and their big day. If you are planning a two day celebration, an elopement or a destination wedding then a bespoke package allows me to design each element just for your day.

If you are planning an alternative wedding, or a wedding that doesn’t fit with my normal packages, get in touch and we can have a conversation about your plans. I will then provide a bespoke quote for your wedding day built around what is important to you.

Have a browse through the different packages available – or give me a call so we can chat through exactly what you have
in mind.

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