2020 Wedding Trends

Top 5 wedding trends of 2020

We are in to a new decade and another year of new and exciting wedding trends. I love seeing what unique and alternative ideas the industry has created for us each year and 2020 is looking to be bolder then ever.

The dominant trend for 2020 is of course Eco friendly weddings, this includes eco friendly suppliers, venues, food, stationary and avoiding plastic packaging and single use favours. Nowadays its getting easier and easier to be Eco friendly and find Eco friendly suppliers but to give you a helping hand here are a few amazing blogs all about eco friendly suppliers.

weddingwire – 8 Eco friendly wedding suppliers

GoHen – 50 eco wedding companies

With an eco conscious mind lets take a look at the other top 2020 wedding trends to inspire you –

1. Bold, natural florals

I absolutely love a colourful wedding so this years floral trends are just my cup of tea. For 2020 wedding flowers are going bigger and bolder with lots of colours and larger flowers to make up the designs. Couples can make brave decisions and move away from the traditional floral bouquet to create something that stands out and is unique for their big day.

This year flowers will be used for more than just the bouquet, they will be hanging from the ceiling, decorating the walls and lining the aisles.

As well as making a statement with colour and size wedding flowers will also have a more handmade & handpicked feel to them. Using local growers and suppliers, 2020 wedding bouquets will have a more natural, wild look as if plucked straight from a garden. From huge yellow sunflowers to delicate daises and gorgeous pink peonies to the stunning shades of a sweet pea, there is so much on offer right here in our back garden to fit the trend this year.

2. Bridal Jumpsuits

The bridal jumpsuit has been making it’s way up the trend list for the last couple of years but finally its here. There is so much to love about the jumpsuit, it’s sexy but elegant, it’s comfortable and simple, it weighs a hell of a lot less than most wedding dresses and it is so damn practical. I love getting couples to do lots of fun things during their wedding that involve lifting, running, spinning & jumping and the jumpsuit works a dream for all of these things.

It’s the ultimate unique bride style and a great alternative for brides who just aren’t into their dresses. If your not a dress kinda girl and you still want to feel like you on your wedding day then this could be the way to go.

Check out this stunning bridal jumpsuit from Lisa Lyon’s Bridal, a wonderful bridal wear designer creating bespoke pieces for brides looking for something unique.

3. Outdoor weddings

The wedding venue trend for 2020 surprisingly isn’t a building at all, its all about outdoor weddings. Lots of beautiful countryside wedding venues are offering outdoor wedding ceremonies as part of their packages now and don’t they look incredible.

Outdoor ceremonies offer couples a lot more flexibility and freedom to do what they really want. The number of guests you can seat is usually much higher and the cost on decorations and flowers tends to be much lower as the surroundings do it all for you.

The best excuse for an outdoor wedding… You can include your dog and lots of other furry friends in the ceremony too.

Here we have Beaumonth Hall, South Farm & The Essex Barn to name just a few.


4. Dogs at weddings!!!

This is my favourite trend of 2020, who doesn’t love a dog at a wedding? They bring so much joy into our lives its only right they get to spend a little time with you on your big day. Dogs can be your ring bearer, they can walk you down the aisle, they can turn up just in time for some fun photos or they can simply be a guest.

There are lots of great doggy wedding services available now, people who will collect, walk, feed and play with your dog while you aren’t there and also bring your dog to your wedding at whatever point in the day you choose.

If you are thinking about having your dog at your wedding then check out Walkies For Weddings, they are a great local business that offer a wonderful service getting your dog to your special day without any fuss.

Pleeeeaaasseee get in touch if your planning to have your dog at your wedding. Any excuse to meet more dogs!

5. Food trucks and food stations

One final trend that I love is all about wedding food. Food trucks are everywhere now, they come in all shapes and sizes and offer every type of cuisine you could possibly imagine.

With outdoor weddings, festival weddings and generally more relaxed weddings on the up it’s no wonder these great food suppliers are now a top trend. I have been to a couple of weddings that have had more than one food truck, which gives their guests plenty of options and keeps those fussy eaters happy too.

Food stations are also popular this year, these are ‘help yourself’ areas where guests can keep going up for more. Food stations are a great DIY alternative to the wedding cake or evening buffet, you can create a doughnut station or grazing table that guests can pick from whenever they wish. Sounds perfect to me!

Weddings should be a reflection of a couples relationship and personalities. Make decisions that you both want and not what will please everyone else. Trends are a great source of inspiration and can really help develop your ideas into something great but the best trend is to be unique!

I would love to hear about what rules you are breaking and what trends you are inspired by this year! Get in touch to chat all things wedding and find out a bit more about my work too xx