Wedding proposal ideas

Proposal stories from real couples

Love is in the air this time of year with Christmas only a 8 weeks ago and Valentines Day just two days ago. It’s the most popular time of year to get engaged so I thought it would be nice to hear a few proposal stories and in turn provide a little inspiration to anyone planning to pop the question.

Who doesn’t love to hear a proposal story?? I absolutely love it and fortunately in my job I get to hear a lot of them. I’ve been in touch with some wonderful couples who have sent me their proposal stories to share with you all.


Emma & Alex

“We were on holiday in the Amalfi Coast, all week Alex had been promising that he’d cook a meal for me at the apartment we were staying at.

It was the last day of the holiday we’d been exploring a lovely town called Ravello and got back to the apartment. Alex suggested that we should dress up and have a meal on the rooftop terrace. While I was getting ready and touching up my nail varnish, he was cooking.

We drank wine, talked and ate dinner. After we’d finished eating Alex said that it would be really good to get a photo of us with the sun setting behind.

So we propped my phone up against something on the table, the sun hadn’t started to set yet and we didn’t want to miss it so instead of using a self timer Alex thought we should video it and then we could screenshot the photo. We talked, kissed and hugged waiting for the sun to start setting. Whilst hugging me he said “You know the last time we were here I said that if I had a ring I would propose to you? Well I may have a ring”, he then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said YES, kissed and hugged him. After a few minutes I’d realised that I didn’t even put the ring on so he put it on my finger for me.

Funny coincidence – When touching up my nail varnish just before dinner, I only had time to touch up the varnish on one hand before the food was ready… coincidently it was my left hand that did!”

Emma & Ryan

“Home for the Holidays…

We currently live in Ohio, USA. I am originally from England and Ryan is from the USA. We try to come home for Christmas most years to enjoy the delights of the holiday season in England with my family.

Now anyone that knows Ryan will know his views on cliché́ proposals… ‘It will never be on a holiday…it will never be on vacation…it will never be on a special date…’ the list goes on. So since being home for Christmas and New Year, I never suspected a thing.

It was January 3rd, 2018, with dinner plans that evening at The Shard in London, we decided to make a weekend of it. I dragged him around London shopping for the day (since I completely forgot to pack the outfit I had intended to wear to dinner!) I was none the wiser to what was going to happen that night.

It was bitterly cold, rainy and excessively windy but Ryan was adamant about walking to dinner. As we walked from our hotel, we have no option but to cross Tower Bridge. Being one of our favourite places in London, Ryan wanted to stop to admire the view. I was not amused, just very cold and windswept.

Ryan begins by apologizing to me that he had lied to me all along. Not really grasping why we has apologizing, I turn my head and he dropped down on one knee.”

Aurora & Nick –

“Nick popped the question spontaneously at home in our living room on a Friday night, after a long and really testing week of work. No ring, no planning in advance, simply «when can we get married». Went together to pick out the ring the next day.”

Clare & Behn

” We got engaged in Greenwich park, it was meant to be a surprise but I had a feeling it was going to happen because Behn was acting strangely! He kept looking around to see if there were people nearby, and if they were he’d drag me in the opposite direction – unfortunately it was a very popular day for walking so we wandered around for ages! He eventually found a suitable place and then just grabbed me and said ‘can you marry me?’ in a panicked rush – it was very cute. I think I laughed and said of course I can ”

Nicole & Steve –

“On our 10 year anniversary.. Steve took me to New York. My favourite movie is serendipity based in the big apple. He took me to the restaurant from the movie and we sat at the same table the actors sat at. He then took me ice skating in Central Park as they did in the movie and bought me black gloves from Bloomingdales – where the couple meet in the movie.

When he gave the cloves to me the ring was in the left glove in the ring finger! He got down on one knee on the ice. Simply perfectly thought out and so beautiful.”

Ellie & Zach

“So it all began on the 17th August 2019…my birthday. My mum paid for me to go get my nails done in the morning. I thought nothing of it but it was all part of the plan. Evening comes and we’re getting ready for our first ever date night since having our baby girl. I was so excited to get glammed up and have some one to one time with zach. So we got to our restaurant, Prezzo’s…but this prezzo’s was so nice inside, such a nice calm vibe. We had such a lovely night together reminiscing on our past year together, there was never a quiet moment. That was until our meal was coming to an end. Zachs body language changed, he seemed very nervous bless him. So just as we’re about to leave he says ‘I have one more birthday present for you’. I wasn’t expecting anything else as I had already been spoiled. So he hands me a little box. A box of 3 kinder eggs, and if you know me you know they have been my favourite chocolate ever since I was a little girl. Zach insisted that I open the box and grab the kinder egg in the middle. I could tell it had been dabbled with. So I open the egg and pause as I think of what is small enough to fit in one…A RING?!! I finally open it up and there it is, my dream ring, it was beautiful. Zach takes the ring walks round the table and gets down on one knee. I’m am obviously a complete wreck at this point, and zach was so nervous he couldn’t even find the words to say!! Needless to say it made my night, and made the rest of my year complete.

P.s thank god my nails were done for the pictures!”

Erin & Tom”

“We got engaged the day we got the keys to our new house that we just bought.  We were looking round the space in the empty rooms, and Tom got down on one knee.  He’d gotten me a Love Potion necklace from Harry Potter as a gift, so that we could get my ring size later.  He always tells everyone that he chose that day because then the house insurance due date would be a reminder for him of the anniversary!”

Charlie & Harry”

“We wanted to go on holiday but couldn’t afford to go abroad and so we booked a caravan holiday in Devon. One of the days we were there we decided to go for a picnic and so we packed some food and a bottle of prosecco and went to Ilfracombe for the day. He told me afterwards he was planning to propose whilst we were having the picnic, but he got so nervous that he ended up doing it when we walked down to the cliffs overlooking the sea. I was so surprised, I literally had no idea that he was planning to propose! It was the most romantic thing!”

I love how personal and unique each proposal is, how it reflects on each couples relationship and inspires wonderful ideas for their big day.

This is how these beautiful couples started their wedding journey, how did you start yours? Get in touch and tell me your proposal story, I would love to hear all the little details that make your story unique and chat about your wedding plans.