5 fun ideas to try on your family photography session

Have fun making memories with your children

The best family photos are relaxed and natural, with everyone having fun, so today I have 5 fun ideas to try on your family photography session so you can get the most out of the time. I like to keep all of my family sessions as natural and personal as possible, which means keeping the children distracted with something they enjoy and allowing parents to have fun along with them.

The 5 ideas I have for you today can be used at home, in your garden or outside at the park or a local wood. You may not feel all are right for you and your family but there are a couple of ideas on the list that work for everyone, everytime.


Tickling is the simplest and easiest of all the ideas you can try, the kids always love it and the reactions are absolute gold. I tend to get families together for some close up photos, either sitting together or holding the children up and then as the parents to give the children a little tickle. Honestly it works so well.

Most of the time the parents tickling the kids turns into the parents being tickled, which is just as fun and just and hilarious. Some of my favourite photos come from this idea.

Outdoor family photography session


There are a number of games that everyone plays with their children that are great to try out on a family photography session. I often get families having races against each other or playing hide & seek. Ideas like running together are great for getting wider shots with more of your location in the background, where as ideas like hide & seek are better for closer shots, like mum & daughter peeking round from behind a tree. CUTE!

Everyday activities that you would do on a walk together is perfect for a family session so don’t be afraid to do what comes naturally. Children love to climb trees, have piggy backs, find sticks and jump in puddles so do all of it and you will get some truly personal and super special images to cherish.


Introducing toys into a family session is another great idea to make your session personal and fun. Ride on toys work really well for smaller children, their little bikes, trikes or rocking horses are often so sweet. You may want to introduce some fun toy instrument and get a family band going or you could create a teddy bears picnic with your children’s favourite cuddly toys and sit down together for tea. Anything like this would work well.

Feel free to discuss ideas you have with your photographer too, they can turn your ideas into great photo opportunities to get the most out of your session and the personal touches you want to make.

Ideas that are personal to your children

The last thing that I would recommend for a fun family session with the children is encouraging them to do things they love to do. Often on family sessions I discover that children have a favourite nursery rhyme that makes them laugh or a favourite song that they love to dance to. When children are really little clapping can be a wonderful thing and the reaction you get from a baby when their parent s clap for them is so precious. You know your children better than anyone so if there is something special like this you want to document while your children are small then go for it.

Family sessions are so important to document you and your children at different stages in your lives and their little personalities along the way too.

If you would love to have a fun family session and try out some of these great ideas then please get in touch. Tell me all about your family and find out how to book your very own family photography session.