5 Wedding colour schemes

Ideas to inspire your wedding colour palette

Colour palettes are one of the first things couples think about when visualizing their big day but it can be a hard choice with so many options available. To help you choose I have 5 wedding colour schemes here on the blog for you to compare. Hopefully seeing them together in one place and from real weddings will give you a clearer idea of what you really love and what isn’t right for you.

There is a mixture of simple, bold, popular and unique options that work for different times of the year and can be adapted to create something unique for your day.

Shades of pastel

This is one of the most popular options and it’s easy to see why. Pastel tones are pretty, easily accessible, work with every season & venue and are simple to co-ordinate across the whole wedding scheme.

One of the things that I love most about this option is the ability to mix & match different shades or even different colours. When I was planning my wedding I struggled with pinning down a colour palette because I didn’t want to be fixed to one colour but this gives couples the ability to stretch their colour palette to multiple colours without taking any risks.

The best thing about this colour scheme is how amazing the bride tribe look together in their complimentary pastel shades!

Pretty in pink

This is a popular choice for spring and summer but can work well for pretty much anytime of the year. It’s a timeless colour scheme that always works with new trends and ideas. From a pale pink destination wedding to a dusky pink autumnal barn wedding, there is a shade of pink for every style and season of wedding. A deep pink would look beautiful against the misty backdrop of winter or a vibrant pink for a bold festival wedding in summer, the options are endless with this colour.

Pair your shade of pink with white or gold details to create a super elegant finish or try some rose gold for an extra touch of colour.

Deep blues with hints of red

This patriotic colour scheme can look so elegant. I’ve seen this colour palette at winter weddings and summer weddings and honestly it looks incredible at both. The deep blues look stunning against the white skies of winter but also warming in summer, I can’t explain it but it works.

The shade of blue is quite important with this colour scheme, not too dark but not to bright, to work perfectly with hints of red. Below is a beautiful example of a summer wedding with blue bridesmaids and red flowers… stunning.


Bold in black

This can be a bold choice but looks so good when it comes together. You could approach this as a back tie theme and have tuxes, hints of gold or silver, lots of white decor and minimal details to go for a contemporary celebration. Alternatively you could just go black! Have black details amongst lots of white decor, black bridesmaids dresses and lots of black suits. It really makes a statement.

One wedding I photographed created this theme perfectly, with bridesmaids in black, the guys in black suites and the groom in a white tux so the couple stood out beautifully against their bridal party.

Green and white

This is one of the simplest of all the wedding colour schemes but still one of the most popular. There are a few shades of green that are at the top of the trend list year on year. Those natural shades of olive, sage & mint that work so beautifully with white and gold.

This is another option that lends itself to mix and matching shades.

What I love most about this colour scheme is the simplicity and beauty of bringing the colour into your decor. Foliage is all you need to decorate your venue and it looks stunning every time!

These are just a handful of options and there are many more you can explore but I hope this helps to narrow it down a little for you.

Every wedding is unique and there are no rules you have to follow, no rights or wrongs so go with you gut. Be as bold or as subtle as you want and don’t feel you have to fit in with any trends.

The most important thing is you have fun with it all!

I’d love to hear what colour scheme you have picked for your big day, get in touch and tell me all about your plans.