Make time for Golden Hour on your wedding day

A guide to beautiful wedding photos

Let me explain why it you should 100% make time for Golden Hour on your wedding day…

If you’re lucky enough to have clear skys at sunset you will be treated to the most stunning and romatic view on your special day. It’s as much about the moment and the experience as it is about the photos.

Golden hour is another opportunity to have some time together, away from your guests to catch up and take it all in. Quiet moments together on your wedding day are fleeting so take very opportunity that you can. For photographers golden hour is about the view beyond the couple and the light between you, so we can happily give you some space to have a private moment while also capturing some beauitful, initmate moments.

Regardless of the weather forcast I always plan for sunset shots with my couples. In the UK you can’t predict the weather and on some of the wettest weddings the clouds have parted at the perfect time for some beautiful sunset photos. I always know ahead of the big day what time sunset will be and what the timings are for the main events of the day. This means I can work out when our best opportunity will be to go out and get those sunset shots. Sometimes it’s after dinner or after the speeches but on other days it might between courses, so if you’re up for golden hour put down that fork and get your heels back on for some of the most magical photo moments.

If you are getting married in summer then you have the luxury of long days and late sunsets. On my summer weddings I usualy plan to capture sunset as one of the last things I do before leaving for the night. It’s actually a perfect way to end the day and complete your wedding gallery.

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